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I know how fast I'M therefore there is NO WAY how fast YOU are going is the least bit legal. There are two other lanes on the expressway and traffic is light so there's NO reason you should be tailgaiting me, flashing your brights at me, honking and swearing at me when I'm NOT in the fastest-moving lane.

That's right, TRUCK, I'm talking to YOU. BACK THE F*CK OFF!! Maybe you should remember to use your turn signals and follow the rules of the road instead of weaving in and out of traffic as well. Get a big ole CLUE BY FOUR from the dump truck that the State Trooper had pulled over with the cowl open, inspecting for concealed items and ACT LIKE YOU'RE A PROFESSIONAL, NOT A PROFESSIONAL A-HOLE!

(NOTE - for all of the truck drivers out there who DO NOT drive like this, THANK YOU for your professionalism!)
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