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Bad Drivers

You know they're out there

We hate bad drivers!
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Come on, we've all been down that road. You know that road. The one where the driver in front of you is the worst driver you've ever seen. He's hitting on every single one of your driving pet peeves.

Have you had enough? Do you dread going out in the morning/afternoon because you have to drive? Do you have a long commute, and really need to blow off steam about the stupid incompetant people on the roads?

Well this is the place for you. A place devoted to saving our sanity by sharing the stupidity of other drivers (or possibly ourselves).

A few simple rules going in:

1. Please keep your language in check, or place it behind a cut.

2. If you have pictures, or a lengthy rant, please place it behind a cut.

3. Please keep on topic. Discussions on bad drivers, something strange you saw while driving, driving tips are okay, discussions about what cute little fluffy did to the sofa are not.

4. Be curteous. If you believe something is inappropriate for this community, please contact me, livingunreality, the moderator. Do not flame, troll, or otherwise harass the poster. I will take appropriate action for anything that is an issue.