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Just today...

Teeny bit of background: I live about three blocks from the County Courthouse and approximately five from the bus station.

Story: My mom and I were crossing a street, where the sign for us to cross is blinking. One man was turning left, but he let us go by. And we were halfway across when this woman decides that she should turn right. WHILE THERE ARE PEOPLE CROSSING THE STREET. Which prompted Mom and I to literally tell her, "Learn how to drive." I added this: "Stay off the road, bitch." I have a slight temper, and this really was unsafe.

Dear driver,

If you see two people crossing a street, that does NOT give you the right to turn right almost in front of us. Unless you are blind as a bat (which you aren't), you can see the two people crossing. Pedestrians have the right of way, UNLESS we give you the way first (which DIDN'T happen). You are lucky you didn't hit my mother or me. I would have a good reason to knock you senseless.

Go back to Driver's Ed and take the test again. I think you failed and shouldn't have had your license to start with. Whoever was STUPID enough to let you drive should be knocked flat.

No love,
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