Cece (Neko-chan) (foxy_baby05) wrote in baddrivers,
Cece (Neko-chan)

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It's bad when it's a stranger, it's worse when it's family.

Dear Aunt,

Do you REALLY have to go zooming down Downtown at 50MPH? Seriously, not only could you have been caught by the cops, but you almost could have hurt my MOM. That's right. The one that was holding on for dear life next to you.

And all because you were scared to run out of gas? Please. There's like five gas stations you passed to get to my house. I would know, since I've lived here for almost two years. You could have just simply gotten your gas and THEN take Mom back home. Pull that with me in the car with Mom, and we will have some words.

No love,
Daughter of a Cancer survivor.
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