Sus (iamcyber) wrote in baddrivers,

A few new Rules of the Road

** a sarcastic humorous perspective **
** disclaimer - this is strictly HUMOR and should in NO WAY be taken seriously or followed as law **

Seems that we must've missed the latest revision of the Rules of the Road where they have added a few new tweaks:

1. If someone is attempting to pull out of a driveway, you are required to pull into that lane and slow down.

2. The "ONLY" painted on the road means that you go here ONLY if you are NOT traveling the direction of the arrow.

3. The use of turn signals, especially for school buses and law enforcement agencies, is optional.

4. Trucks (sorry, roadskoller) may use all lanes, regardless of posted signage to use only designated lanes.

5. Driving at or below the posted speed limit in a construction zone is strictly forbidden. Drivers are required to keep up with the usual speed of traffic when no construction is taking place.

6. The "two-second rule" has been deemed as excessive following distance.

7. Driving at or below 15MPH over the posted speed limit is considered a traffic nuisance.

8. Pedestrians are considered a traffic nuisance and under no circumstances have the right-of-way.

9. Bicyclists may ride on any portion of the road, regardless of direction of traffic flow, and are exempt from any and all traffic laws.

10. It is acceptable to stop in or block any intersection, including railroad crossings.
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