VisionAri (visionari) wrote in baddrivers,

A lot of fail for one driver

It was evening rush hour on the Friday before the holiday weekend.  Traffic was, therefore, even more congested than usual.  I don't know whether you were speeding, tailgating or both but either way, it doesn't really come as a surprise that when everyone slammed on the brakes, you were the only one who didn't manage to stop.

Unfortunately, the thing that finally brought you to a halt was my year-old car.  Thanks, Ace.

Oh, and being uninsured at the time you performed that particular bit of driving fail?  Genius.  Pure genius.

You cost me half my deductible but you've cost yourself more than 20 times that between fines, court costs and the suit my insurance company intends to file against you to recoup the cost of fixing my car, seeing as how the police report put the fault 100% on your shoulders.  Then there's the cost of fixing your own vehicle

But since you're going to lose your license for pretty much the rest of the year, your car can wait.
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