JuliFox (julifox) wrote in baddrivers,

Two today....

Grannie, I completely understand the logic behind backing partially out of that handicap spot that's right there by the driving lane and then proceeding into the driving lane, I really do. But you still have to yield to traffic already IN said driving lane, because you are pulling out of a parking spot. I know you didn't bother to look because I drive a big ol' SUV with my brights on during the day, and there's no way you can miss me if you actually look. You darned near hit me and it would have been your fault, not mine.

To the genius in my parking lot? The same applies doubly when you are BACKING OUT of a parking spot. YOU have to make sure that it's clear behind you BEFORE you back out. Like Granny earlier today, you obviously didn't even bother to look because there's no way you could have missed me if you had looked. And damned near hitting my truck and then yelling at me like it's my fault? Try again. You'd have been buying me a new front right quarter panel, dude. Get a clue, will ya?
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