Sus (iamcyber) wrote in baddrivers,

Dear Stupid...

...wake up and get a clue. The schoolbus you were tailgaiting put its turn signal on because it was actually TURNING into a neighborhood to pick up more children. Having to slam on your brakes and swerve to avoid hitting the bus is your own damned fault. Don't honk and scream at the bus driver for your own idiocy. The only way you got off without hitting anyone is that the rest of us around you saw your moronic driving and stayed away from the likes of you.

...I hope you enjoy driving a thoroughly rusted sh*tmobile. The GIANT sign on the plow / salt truck that says "KEEP BACK 50 FEET" doesn't mean "drive behind like you're chained to the rear trailer hitch." The sign is there MOSTLY for your safety so that the driver can see you...but also there to give most of the salt the chance to fall on the road, not your car!
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