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Two Stories

I'm heading south on a two lane road approaching an intersection with red lights. I'm in the middle lane with the left lane being a left turn only leading to two streets on the left, a sharp left turn and a shallow left turn. The guy in front of me puts on his left blinker and enters the left turn lane. He then immediately puts his right blinker on and I slow to let him back into the middle lane.

The light turns green while the left turn arrow remains red. As soon as this guy passes the cars in the left turn lane that he almost pulled in behind he puts his left blinker on again and shoots across two lanes of on-coming northbound traffic to make the shallow left turn.

Honestly I don't know if:

1) He thought he needed to make a left, then changed his mind and decided he needed to go straight and then at the last minute he decided he really did need to go left and felt the best way to take care of this was by playing chicken with oncoming traffic while running a red light (as opposed to, I don't know...going straight and then turning around when it is safe to do so).


2) He ignored all the clear signage and decided the left turn lane was ONLY for the sharp left turn and to take the shallow left you had to bypass the left turn only lane and then it's a free-for-all.

To the rather large angry woman with a bag full of food outside a McDonald's:

I understand that you are upset that my car is a mere few inches from the side of your car so that you can not access your drivers side door. I understand that you did not want to try to access your car from the passenger side and slide over and that consequently you had to wait several minutes for me to get done with what I was doing and come out to leave. What I do not understand is why you are upset at ME? See, you parked your car about a half foot into the only other available spot in the entire small parking lot so that when I parked I really didn't have much choice about how close my car was to yours. See those white lines? If you park between them (see my car for an example) you won't have this problem. The only one you should be upset with is yourself. I understand but I am not really sorry at all and I did like the look on your face when I responded to your tirade with a simple, "Sounds like a personal problem to me."
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